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This is the basic text view. Brazil is the second largest economy in the hemisphere behind the United States, and the ninth largest economy in the world.

The Government of Brazil GOB made attracting private investment in infrastructure a top priority for Per capita Best trading pro custos decreased 4. While unemployment stood at just 6. In part due to the slower than anticipated return to growth, annual inflation fell to 6. This allowed the BCB to cut its benchmark best trading pro custos rate to President Temer, who took over as president after the impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff in Mayis pursuing corrective macroeconomic policies to stabilize the economy.

Congress approved a landmark best trading pro custos spending cap in December and is now debating a complementary reform to curb social security spending. If a robust social security reform is approved, financial analysts assert investor confidence in debt sustainability will strengthen.

International capital markets have recognized Temer administration efforts, lowering risk premiums significantly from peak levels and boosting the value of the real.

Both portfolio and direct investors, however, remain sensitive to political uncertainties linked to ongoing corruption scandal investigations please see corruption section and Brazilian risk premiums fluctuate accordingly. With a USD 1. The GOB investment promotion strategy prioritizes the automobile, renewable energy, life sciences, oil and gas, and infrastructure sectors.

Foreign investors in Brazil receive the same legal treatment as local investors in most economic sectors; however, foreign investment is restricted in the health, mass media, telecommunications, aerospace, rural property, maritime, and air transport sectors.

The Brazilian Congress is currently considering legislation to liberalize restrictions on foreign ownership of rural property and airline companies. In addition to current economic difficulties, sinceBrazil's anti-corruption oversight bodies are investigating allegations of widespread corruption involving state-owned energy firm Petrobras and a number of private construction companies.

Analysts contend that high transportation and labor costs, low domestic productivity, and ongoing political uncertainties hamper investment in Brazil. GOB investment incentives include tax exemptions and low-cost financing with no distinction made between domestic and foreign investors. Foreign investment is restricted in the health, mass media, telecommunications, aerospace, rural property, maritime, and air transport sectors. Foreigners investing in Brazil best trading pro custos register their investment with the BCB within 30 days of the inflow of resources to Brazil.

Registration is done electronically. Investors must also have a local representative in Brazil. Foreign investors in Brazil receive the same legal treatment as local investors in most economic sectors. Constitutional amendments passed in prohibit all forms of discrimination against best trading pro custos capital not explicitly set out under law.

To enter Brazil's insurance and reinsurance market, U. Applications for banking licenses are reviewed by the BCB on a case-by-case basis.

Of the top 50 banks in Brazil, 20 are owned or controlled by foreign interests. Citibank, the only U. Foreign ownership of airlines is limited to 20 percent, although the Brazilian Congress is considering legislation to eliminate the restriction. On March 19,the United States and Brazil signed an Air Transport Agreement as a step towards an Best trading pro custos Skies relationship that would eliminate numerical limits on passenger and cargo flights between the best trading pro custos countries.

It was approved by the three requisite lower house committees and is pending lower house plenary approval before moving on to the Senate. The Brazilian reinsurance market opened to competition in In December and Marchhowever, the Brazilian National Council on Private Insurance CNSP rolled back market liberalization through best trading pro custos issuance of Resolutions andwhich disproportionately affects foreign insurers operating in the Brazilian market.

Resolution requires that 40 best trading pro custos of all reinsurance risk be best trading pro custos with Brazilian companies. Resolution allows insurance companies to place only 20 percent of risk with affiliated reinsurance companies.

In Decemberthe CNSP issued Resolutionwhich walked back some of the restrictions of Resolution by allowing the 40 percent requirement to be waived if local reinsurance capacity does not exist. Content quotas require every channel to air at least three and a half hours per week of Brazilian programming during primetime.

Additionally, one-third of all channels included in any TV package have to be Brazilian. Under the applicable rules, best trading pro custos by guidelines published inthe area of agricultural land bought or leased by foreigners cannot account for more than 25 percent of the overall land area in a given municipal district.

Additionally, no more than 10 percent of agricultural land in any given municipal district may be owned or leased by foreign nationals from the same country. The rules also make it necessary to obtain congressional approval before large plots of agricultural land can be purchased by foreign nationals, foreign companies, or Brazilian companies with majority foreign shareholding.

Under the applicable rules, the area of agricultural land bought or leased by foreigners cannot account for more than 25 percent of the overall land area in a given municipal district. Foreign companies are often successful in obtaining subcontracting opportunities with large Brazilian firms that win government contracts.

The Protocol has only been ratified by Argentina and thus is not yet in force. Political uncertainty has diminished, consumer and business confidence are rising and investment best trading pro custos strengthened…Inflation will gradually return into the target range.

Foreign companies interested in investing in Brazil have access to many benefits and tax incentives granted by the Brazilian government at the municipal, state, and federal levels.

Most incentives are granted based on project sector, amount to be invested, and potential job generation. Brazil best trading pro custos not restrict domestic investors from investing abroad.

Department of Commerce signed a memorandum of cooperation to promote bilateral investment in February Inan inter-ministerial working group withdrew the agreements from Congress after determining that treaty provisions on international investor state dispute resolution was unconstitutional and thus the agreements best trading pro custos not be ratified.

Brazil does not have a double taxation treaty with the United States, but it does have such treaties with 36 other countries, including, Japan, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, Spain, Portugal, and Argentina. This agreement went into effect in September In the World Best trading pro custos Doing Business report, Brazil ranked th out of countries in terms of overall ease of doing business ina decline of eight positions compared to the report.

According to the World Bank, it takes approximately Rio de Janeiro was also profiled in the report. The GOB is seeking to streamline the process and decrease the amount to time it takes to open a business to five days through its RedeSimples Program. Similarly, the GOB reduced red-tape through the implementation of the SIMPLES program, which was best trading pro custos to simplify the collection of up to eight federal, state, and municipal-level taxes into one single payment.

The World Bank study noted that the annual administrative burden of tax payments to a medium-size business in Brazil is an average of 2, hours versus The total tax rate for a medium-sized business in Rio de Janeiro is 69 percent of profits, compared to the average of Business managers often complain of not understanding tax regulations, despite best trading pro custos investments in creating large local tax and accounting departments in their companies.

Tax regulations, while burdensome and numerous, do not generally differentiate between foreign and domestic firms. However, there are instances of complaints that the value-added tax collected by individual states ICMS favors local companies. Although the tax is designed to be refunded when goods are exported abroad, exporters in many states had difficulty receiving their ICMS rebates.

Taxes on commercial and financial transactions are particularly burdensome, and businesses complain that these taxes hinder the international competitiveness of Brazilian-made products.

In addition, the U. In addition to these federal regulatory agencies, Brazil has at least 27 state-level agencies and 17 municipal-level agencies. White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs OIRA to exchange best practices in developing high quality regulations that mandate the least burdensome approach to address policy implementation. Pro-Reg is drafting enabling legislation for implementing this provision. The general public has online access to both approved and proposed federal best trading pro custos via websites for the Chamber of Deputies, Federal Senate, and the Office of the Presidency.

Brazil is seeking to improve its public comment and stakeholder input process. In the GOB instituted a Transparency Portal, a website in which data is available on funds transferred to and from the federal, state and city governments, as well as to and from foreign countries. Brazil has a civil legal system structured around courts at the state and federal level.

Contract enforcement can be accomplished either through the court system or via mediation, although both processes can be lengthy. Foreign contract enforcement judgments must be accepted by the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice STJ to be considered valid in Brazil, and among other considerations must not contradict any prior best trading pro custos by a Brazilian court in the same dispute.

Commercial disputes are regulated under the Brazilian Civil Code, enacted inalthough an older, largely superseded Commercial Code remains applicable solely for commercial cases involving maritime law. Federal judges hear most disputes in which one of the parties is the Brazilian State, and also rule on lawsuits between a foreign state or international organization and a municipality or a person residing in Brazil.

The judicial system is generally independent and frequently rules on politically sensitive issues. Judges at both the state and federal level are largely career officials selected through a meritocratic examination process.

The judicial system is extremely backlogged, however, and disputes or trials of any sort frequently require years to arrive at a final best trading pro custos, including all available appeals. Regulations and enforcement actions can be litigated in the court system, which contains mechanisms for appeal depending upon the level at which the case is filed.

The Supreme Federal Court STF is the ultimate court of appeal on constitutional grounds; the STJ is the ultimate court of appeal for cases not involving constitutional issues. In OctoberBrazil performed its first review of best trading pro custos pending merger, bringing Brazil in line with U. This government body is responsible for enforcement of competition laws and consumer defense. Article 5 of the Brazilian constitution assures the property rights of both Brazilians and foreigners that live in Brazil.

The Constitution does not address nationalization or expropriation. Brazilian Law does allow the government to exercise eminent domain best trading pro custos certain criteria which include, but are not limited to, national security, public transportation, safety, health, and urbanization projects.

Owners are compensated in cash. The rules for eminent domain are laid out in Decree-Law fromas amended. There are no known expropriation actions in Brazil against foreign interests in the recent past, nor have there been any signs that the current government is contemplating such actions.

Some claims regarding land expropriations by state agencies were judged by Brazilian courts in U. Article 34 the Brazilian Arbitration Act Law defines a foreign arbitration judgment as any judgment rendered outside the national territory.

The law established that the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court must ratify foreign arbitration awards. Law also stipulates that the foreign arbitration award is to be recognized or executed in Brazil in conformity with the international agreements ratified by the country and, in their absence, with domestic law.

Contract disputes in Brazil can be lengthy and complex. Brazil has both a federal and a state court system, and jurisprudence is based on civil law. Federal judges hear most disputes in which one of the parties is the State, and rule on lawsuits between a foreign State or international organization and a municipality or a person residing in Best trading pro custos. The World Bank Doing Business report found that on average it takes 11 procedures and days to litigate a contract breach.

Brazil has a commercial code that governs most aspects of commercial association, except for corporations formed for the provision of professional services, which are governed by the best trading pro custos code.

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